FAQS Headshot

FAQS Headshot Video of the critical steps for great headshots:

This is a great video that explains the essential tips for headshots.  



What’s involved in the modeling photoshoot? FAQ Headshots

FAQS Headshot

  • Photography session – approximately 1 hour of studio time.
  • 3-5 different looks. A look is the combination of hair, makeup, clothing, setting, style and lighting technique. Within each look, we shoot different variations. We may shoot a combination of close-ups, ¾’s or full length. We also like to work with layers. We may add or subtract a hat, jacket, glasses, scarf, jewelry etc.
  • Model coaching
  • Photo editing. After the session, we will edit the images for you and then we will go over the session with you. It is of utmost importance that you select the right images.
  • 4 retouched images.

Whats a typical headshot session look like? 

Once you arrive, we will start to explore options for the shoot.  I will take some time getting to know which angles are best suited to you and expressions that are inviting and confident.

This directing process can take some time and is the signature of an excellent headshot photographer. 

A typical headshot session will take a minimum of 30- 60 minutes from beginning to end. Also, This amount of time is necessary to allow me to coach and direct you so that we get the best images of you possible.

Do you recommend Hair and Makeup?

No we don’t and we can recommend some we have worked with.  

WomenNatural and minimal is best.  Too much makeup is distracting and people will wonder what you are hiding. Hair should be in a flattering natural style.  If your hair is long, I may ask you to put your hair in a ponytail for some of the shoot since for many women it is flattering look.

Men: No makeup is best. Also, You may want to consider arriving with some facial hair for the beginning of the photo shoot and then shave for the second part of the shoot.  Also, This will give you two distinct looks for your portfolio.

What should I wear?

For a full headshot session, you are welcome to try different looks.  Also, Bring several tops to choose from.  I recommend solid colors to accent your eyes.  Bring extra if you are not sure, and I can help you select ones that will work.  Finally, I suggest things that make you feel great but stay away from very ornate or busy patterns.

We want all eyes to be on you and your personality, not your outfit.

I may ask you to remove jewelry or watches if I think it distracts the viewer.  Also, Someone looking at your headshot, should be looking at you, not your accessories! Unless there is a sentimental value to your jewelry, I usually recommend that you remove large distracting pieces for a headshot.

What are the proofing options?

Within 48 hours of a shoot, I will post the best 20-30  photos onto a password protected online photo-proofing page for you.  Also, You are able to look at these photos and make your final choices. You are also able to share these views with others in order to help you make your selection.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes-  All of your final selections are retouched gently.  In particular, the skin is retouched to remove blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.  We may slightly reduce wrinkles.  All retouching will not be noticeable.  

Will I get a CD? What resolution photos do I get? 

CDs are so 1997. All your photos will be delivered digitally to you 3-5 business days after your make your selection. Also,You’ll receive every photo in an email with a password protected link to your online gallery and instructions on how to download them all in different sizes: low res for online use (Casting Frontier, LA Casting, etc.) and high res for printing.  Or via Dropbox.


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